Saturday 9:00 am YES 50 Not required NO
6.00 pm NO NO CAP Fully Vaccinated NO
Sunday 8:00 am NO NO CAP Fully Vaccinated NO
11.15 am NO NO CAP Fully Vaccinated NO
5.00 pm NO 50 Not required YES
Tuesday 9:00 am YES 50 Not required NO
Thursday 9:00 am YES 50 Not required NO
Face covering is no longer required within our Church setting , although it is recommended that face covering be worn if you can’t physically distance, or if you are with people who may be vulnerable to COVID 19. If you feel more comfortable to continue wearing your face mask, we encourage you to do so.
Fully Vaccinated 12 years + 2 months and over: Places of worship may open for all celebrations for the fully vaccinated with no capacity or density limits.
Unknown Vaccination Status: For all of our unvaccinated masses , the mass is restricted to one person per 4sqm up to a maximum of 50 parishioners.
Community (Parish) Facilities: Is limited to the fully vaccinated only and no limits will apply .
The 21st of November will be our last Sunday Zoom Mass at 9:30 am. Weekday zoom masses will continue for the time being.
Weekday Masses (Tue, Thur and Sat 9.00am) Up to 50 people may attend, Vaccinations is not required. Bookings are not required.
Weekend Masses (Sat 6.00pm and Sunday 8.00 and 11.15am) No limits apply . All attendees aged 12+ must be fully vaccinated. Bookings are not required. Please arrive early to allow time to check-in and show your Vaccination Certificate to the Covid Marshall.
5pm Sunday Mass at Ss Peter and Paul’s Church for those not fully vaccinated. If you have had only one dose of the vaccine or prefer to remain unvaccinated , there will be an extra Mass each Sunday at 5.00pm at Ss Peter and Paul’s Church for both SSPP and OLOP parishioners only. 50 people are permitted . Bookings are essential. Bookings will close at 5.00pm on the Saturday prior. 
CHECK IN REQUIREMENTS: Please ensure you check in on arrival using the Service Victoria App. For all weekend masses except for the Sunday 5.00pm mass at SSPP, you will also need to show Proof of Vaccinate to the Covid Marshall.
We look forward to seeing everyone again!