Liturgy Committee

Liturgy has been defined in the Catholic tradition as the participation of the People of God in the work of God. The Mass is a liturgical celebration realised through signs and symbols. As human beings, we need signs and symbols of the physical world in order to communicate the invisible reality of the spiritual world. Language, gestures and actions are essential in revealing sacramentality in the liturgy of the Eucharist as outward visible signs of inward spiritual grace.

Recognising the importance of liturgical celebrations, the Liturgy Committee has been working behind the scene, as it were, for many years to provide the church with all sorts of liturgical support; from altar servers to arranging of flowers, from music to the procession of the gifts, etc. The team also helps in the organization of events such as Confirmation and Lent prayers. The people involved in the Liturgy Committee are active in searching for resources that are potentially inspiring to bring about meaningful worship and prayer.