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The Universalis Publishing provides wealth of resources to  enrich the spiritual life of Christians, specifically by presenting the liturgical and devotional resources of the Catholic Church. Please note the Universalis apps 
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E-Book for this Liturgical Year

Son of God: The Daily Gospel Year A-1 This e-book, which can be downloaded free of charge to a computer or e-reader (or tablet), offers the Gospel for every day of this Liturgical Year A-1 (Sundays Year A, weekdays Year 1), together with a reflection of some 750 words on each daily Gospel.. This Liturgical Year A-1 has now begun and will continue till November of 2017. The e-book contains the Gospel passages not only for this present but for any A-1 Liturgical Year in the future, together with their reflections. It may be passed on to friends or acquaintances as desired. It carries the Imprimatur of Archbishop Anthony Fisher, the Archbishop of Sydney. www.catholic-thoughts.info/ebook.