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Love and Peace of Our Lord Be With You
Pentecost Sunday Celebrations
The Liturgy Committee is currently preparing for Pentecost Sunday on 4th & 5th June 2022. As part of the celebrations, we would like to recognise and show the cultural diversity of our parish community. We have put together a list of countries representing the cultural heritage or country of origin of our parishioners based on our limited knowledge. Please let us know by 31st May of your cultural heritage / country of origin if it is not in the list below. You can either email cheryl.tay@cam.org.au or add the name of the country on the notice pinned on the notice board in the church foyer.
 Australia   Bolivia   Colombia 
 Croatia   France   Greece 
 Hong Kong   India   Indonesia 
 Ireland   Italy   Lebanon 
 Malaysia   Netherlands   New Zealand 
 Pakistan   Peru   Philippines 
 Poland   Singapore   Sri Lanka 
 South Africa   South Korea   Sweden 
 Thailand   United Kingdom   Vietnam 


If you plan to attend 11.15am mass on 5th Jun, we also invite you to bring a dish representing your cultural background to share with the community after mass. Thank you.

Parish Feast Day Celebrations

The Liturgy Committee is currently preparing for our parish feast day celebration on 25th & 26th June. We invite all parishioners to send in a photo of yourself or with your family to enable us to create a mosaic image for our feast day celebration. You can send in your photos in 2 ways:
  • Email it to cheryl.tay@cam.org.au with the subject title: parish feast day mosaic; or
  • Drop it in the collection box located in the church foyer. Please make sure to write your name and contact number on the back of the photo so that it can be returned to you after.

Take the way of the Gospel

The Archdiocese is currently seeking expressions of interest from clergy and laity to become members of the Take the Way of the Gospel Stakeholder Advisory and Reference Group. Expressions of interest close Wednesday 4 May 2022.
For further details on this and developments of this initiative, please refer to the Archdiocese website.

Welcome to Ss Peter and Paul’s Parish, Doncaster East

Thank you for visiting our site, which we hope has been informative and easy to navigate. Information about service times, parish office details and child safe policy are on our homepage, while that on our sacramental services and parish groups and events can be accessed via tabs at the top of the page.
Situated the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and an easy 30 minutes drive from the city via the Eastern Freeway, our parish offers our congregation pastoral and social supports for the various age groups, including children’s liturgy at mass for the young, sacramental classes for the primary school aged, youth group, parish celebrations and womens’ and mens’ social groups. Our parish leadership team is also continually looking at ways to engage the community and help grow its faith and mission.
We warmly welcome you to connect with us in the way that suits you – viewing our digital resources including our weekend masses, visiting us, emailing or calling us. If you have recently moved into the area or started attending the parish, we invite you to click on the census box below and fill in the census form so that we can reach out to you to introduce ourselves and provide you with more details of our parish and activities.
Faith makes us walk with Jesus on the roads of this world, in the certainty that the power of His Spirit will bend the forces of evil, subjecting them to the power of God’s love.” – @ Pontifex Jul 6 2020
May the love and peace of our Lord be with and in you. Amen.

SSPP Parish Events


Mass Time

Mon 9:00am – Communion service
Tues 9:00am – Mass
Wed 9:00am – Communion service
Thu  9:00am – Mass
Fri   9:00am – Communion service
Sat  9:00am – Mass
       6:00pm – Vigil Mass
Sun 8:00am & 11:15am – Mass
Divine Mercy Devotion resumes in December 2021 on 1st Friday of the month at 7.30pm.

Parish Office Hours

Monday – 9am to 5pm
Tuesday – 9am to 3pm
Wednesday – 9am to 3pm
Thursday – 9am to 5pm
Friday – 9am to 4pm


Communion at Home 
During this pandemic, parishioners who are unable to attend mass in person, and wish to receive communion at home, please contact the parish office to leave your contact details. Our pastoral worker will then be in touch to make the arrangements.
Anointing Mass for the Sick, Tues 3rd May, 11am
A special mass for the sick will be held at the parish, followed by a light lunch in the Drop-In Centre prepared by the parish Visitation Group. If you know of any friends or family members who are unwell, please extend the invitation to them to attend this special service.