Ss Peter and Paul Parish Mission

Renewal of Mind and Heart 2012
Parish Mission 2012

2nd-7th June 2012

Sister Joan Bukrey, Fathers Michael Champlin and Nick Punch o.p. were warmly welcomed to our parish at all the weekend Masses on 2nd and 3rd June.
Their morning and evening talks were thought provoking, sometimes confirming, often challenging, and sometimes even confronting … and certainly lead to much discussion over the cups of tea and coffee at the breaks. 
This was followed with a “Question & Answer” Session. A great variety of queries were addressed, some arising from the sessions. It was also an opportunity to get/express an opinion (or two or three!) on controversial, troubling or just long nagging questions finally addressed. 
Some of the preached topics were on: St Paul, Pain and Suffering in the Christian Experience, Grace and The Washing of the Feet. These and many more topics are available on CDs, which quite a number of parishioners purchased, and the Parish also has available.
The Celebrations of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick were most prayerful and moving. It was wonderful to join with many parishioners for such meaningful celebrations.
The school community, children, families and teachers, also came together for a beautiful School Mass, during which the children very enthusiastically shared in the homily, providing very practical illustrations of the Gospel of the day.
The involvement of many parishioners, providing a welcome, refreshments, transport and all who were involved in spreading the message through the "letter drop" was most appreciated.


Ss. Peter & Paul Parish